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Contextual Advertising

Nothing happens in this world until someone sells something to someone else. In most cases, nothing is sold until it’s first advertised in one form or another. Advertising is as old as time, and its modern formats are highly effective. One such example is contextual advertising.

What is contextual advertising and why do you need it?

It’s a type of internet advertising that attracts a new audience through search engines like Google and Yandex. The effectiveness of this promotion depends on keywords, services, proper configuration, and optimization.

With contextual advertising, you can:

  • Increase the number of calls to your company.
  • Attract more visitors to your website.
  • Enhance brand recognition.

In this context, you pay for each click. The number of times a person clicks on your contextual ad in the search is what you’ll pay for. In many cases, the cost per click can be quite high depending on various factors, and it may require a separate budget.

Another form of paid online promotion is targeting. If you are interested in promoting goods or services on social networks, we recommend visiting the “Targeted Advertising” page.

If you are interested in organic website promotion on Google and Yandex search, then read about “SEO Optimization“.

Why should you order contextual advertising from Namba Media?

We set up and optimize advertising campaigns to get you the lowest cost per click in the market. Our contextual experts reduce your expenses and create effective publications for your products and services online. Namba Media marketing agency has the following advantages in setting up contextual advertising::

  • We configure and optimize advertising campaigns to achieve maximum results.
  • We allocate funds to different strategies and make improvements based on your business needs.
  • We make full use of various functions for bid adjustments, minimizing the cost per conversion, and targeting.

Remember, a well-executed contextual campaign can reduce costs at the outset and increase the effectiveness of contextual promotion in the long term. Our main goal is to contribute to the development of clickable ads and the growth of our clients’ businesses. We help companies get the maximum return from context.

How is contextual advertising set up in our agency?

Working on each new task at Namba Media is a purely individual process that we don’t put on a conveyor belt. And in this work, there are well-established, tested algorithms aimed at results:

  1. We start with analyzing the client’s product or services they plan to promote.
  2. Then we study the keywords and the client’s target audience. It’s important to note that our specialists focus on finding less competitive keywords, which can often be crucial for the success of pay-per-click promotions.
  3. We start with the setup and then optimize the campaign. Our employees focus not just on generating traffic but on attracting paying customers for your business.
  4. Afterward, our team creates text and media ads that will appeal to your potential customers.
  5. We allocate the budget and set the promotion period.
  6. We track and record the metrics properly—the results will be reflected in your Google Analytics or Yandex Direct account.

In the end, we make the entire contextual setup process painless and effective. We spend time studying and analyzing different strategies to make the right decisions. Our experienced contextual experts analyze all results, conversions, and other key indicators to make necessary improvements. Various methodologies, including multivariate A/B testing, are used to analyze strategies.

Increase your traffic, engagement, number of potential customers, sales, and profits for your company. Entrust the setup of contextual advertising to Namba Media specialists.