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Comprehensive Marketing

This is the most effective and result-oriented approach to promotion, which includes all the tools to attract your customers. In marketing, all means are good, so we use comprehensive marketing methods. If you want to achieve the maximum result, this service will undoubtedly help you reach your goals.

What is comprehensive marketing?

It is the coordination and use of multiple sales channels. In other words, to promote a brand or a specific product, we utilize all the necessary and up-to-date marketing tools to achieve the set goal.

Commonly used channels in comprehensive marketing include:

  • Content marketing.
  • Video production.
  • Social media marketing (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.).
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Contextual and targeted advertising.
  • And much more.

Marketers who employ multiple channels double the profitability of companies. Comprehensive marketing enhances the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and reaches marketing goals faster.

Applying a comprehensive marketing approach to integrate different channels increases a brand’s chances of success and recognition. The thesis will be as follows: more channels = greater brand visibility. Ultimately, this approach leads to:

  • Increased popularity.
  • Higher sales.
  • Enhanced loyalty.

Why order comprehensive marketing at Namba Media?

Namba Media is a full-cycle marketing agency. Comprehensive marketing in our team is built on multiple sales channels, and in our work, we use the following tools:

Currently, there are many points of contact and interaction with customers. These include social media, search engines, streaming video platforms, and other channels. However, the proliferation of marketing channels has led to users being inundated with messages and various advertising content. Therefore, it is crucial to stand out amidst the sea of content, make a statement among competitors, use a strong strategy, and a wide range of marketing tools.

So why is our comprehensive marketing strategy so effective?

Let’s analyze the situation with a simple example. Suppose a customer is interested in buying a new bicycle. If they don’t have a close friend who is a cycling enthusiast, the customer will likely start with a search on Google or Yandex. They will enter a basic query about bicycles into the search engine. This is how their research process begins.

Online, they will come across a whole cycle of offerings from various internet resources:

  • Company websites, blogs, review sites – this is where SEO comes into play.
  • Social media – this is where SMM works.
  • And after visiting all these pages, they will receive retargeting ads – this is where contextual and targeted advertising takes effect.

That’s why it’s crucial to order comprehensive marketing for your business!

Regardless of which bicycle the customer chooses, it is quite likely that they will interact with this brand almost a dozen times through multiple marketing channels before making a purchase.

And keep in mind, in this example, we only looked at four channels.

Thus, our comprehensive marketing strategy leads to conversions and ensures the profitability of your investments.

The advantages you gain for your business from comprehensive marketing are as follows:

  • Increased marketing revenue.
  • A clear integrated foundation for advertising campaigns.
  • Organized technical and personnel work.
  • Reduced effort for specialists and no duplication of content.
  • Centralized place for storing project information.
  • Established business goals that align with your marketing objectives.
  • Rapid response to urgent tasks and no delays on channels.
  • A defined and thought-out customer journey.
  • A built sales funnel for any business.

Comprehensive marketing at Namba Media will help both startup companies and seasoned enterprises. Our marketers will implement advantageous and effective sales channels for your business. We will assist you in entering the market first, building an organized structure, and attracting your interested audience.