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Namba Media was founded in 2009. It was one of the first advertising agencies in Bishkek specializing in digital marketing.

Since then, we have grown into a large marketing agency, working in various fields. We are experts in digital promotion, analytics, campaign tracking, and website development.

With 13 years of marketing experience, we have developed solutions and strategies that will help you save time, reduce costs, create an effective brand, and sell products faster.

At Namba Media, we aim to build lifelong business relationships. The foundation for such relationships lies in your business and our marketing results. We always focus on what impacts the revenue and profitability of companies.

We collaborate with our clients to understand the WHY behind choosing their company, the GOALS of their business, the RESULTS they need, and the VALUE their company can provide to customers.

And in the end, we translate this knowledge into a unique marketing strategy for your business.

We achieve results and help you reach your business goals

Why Choose Namba Media?

There are several advantages and principles in our company that make us better day by day.

  • Full Commitment

Our goal is the success of our clients. This is where our cooperation with clients begins. Such an approach to work stems from the core values of the company – putting the client’s business goals first.

  • Striving for Excellence

Stagnation is the biggest sin in business. Day by day, we continuously expand and improve our capabilities to keep your business at a high level. To be the best, one must constantly evolve and strive for the perfect result.

  • Constant Support

Communication is of great importance for business and clients. A dedicated manager is assigned to your project, always available to answer all your questions. 100% transparency, responsiveness, and a convenient communication format – for you at any time.

  • Creative Approach

Those who stick to old methods, adhere to proven techniques, and cannot embrace innovation, create new and better ways to achieve their goals – in the end, they lose. We aim to use new methods, experiment, and approach problem-solving creatively. This approach allows your company to stand out among competitors, lead events, create new trends, and achieve goals faster.


We believe that every business in Bishkek should have the opportunity to develop, grow, increase profits, or at least receive marketing advice. To achieve this, we have formed a team of inspiring and educated specialists who will help take your business to a new level.

These are true professionals in their field. All our specialists follow strict and proven processes and have many years of experience in their respective areas of expertise. Each team member has access to the best technologies and programs. You can work with one or several experts to accelerate your growth.

Our team consists of enthusiasts who love their work, eagerly await exciting projects, and are always ready to help you bring your ideas to life! Meet our team:


Want to work in our team? Then join us. Below, we are posting current and fresh job openings at Namba Media. Choose your specialty, click the “Apply” button, and await our response.