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Dead Season? 5 Ways to Revive and Maintain Sales After the Holiday Peak

Every year, something dreadful happens to most e-commerce websites. After the surge of holiday sales, around the beginning of January, everything starts to decline. To make matters worse, people begin to return items. Returns create significant logistical chaos, especially if you are responsible for delivering goods across Bishkek.

Yes, it’s not the most wonderful time of the year. But is there a way to avoid such a sharp decline in sales❓ Fortunately, there is. Yes, there will be a decline, but by applying the following 5 practices, you can quickly recover and return to the previous high sales mode.

1. Capture the Pulse of the Consumer

With the onset of the New Year, the consumer mindset undergoes a radical change. Until the last minutes of December 31st, people enjoy good food, drinks, spend money, buy things, and gain weight. But ❗️ something magical happens on January 1st – they transform. People become determined and desire to “become better” in the New Year. And here lies your marketing opportunity to boost sales.

For example, look at how Amazon does it. The service knows how to attract buyers after the holidays. Well before the end of the year, Amazon launches funnels on its website and works on algorithms to attract buyers in the coming year. Pages feature books about travel, musical instruments, sports nutrition, fitness equipment, sports clothing, and much more.

So, capture the pulse of the consumer, find out their desires, satisfy their instincts. People don’t intend to buy unhealthy food or make expensive wardrobe purchases. But they will buy items that promise to fulfill their New Year’s plans.

Here’s what people are willing to spend money on in the New Year:

  • Category “Organization and Productivity“. After January 1st, people look for ways to improve their lives. Organization and productivity will be of immense importance. It’s a huge category that includes everything from pens to planners.
  • Category “Health“. Undoubtedly, the largest sales category is gym memberships, dietary supplements, exercise equipment, and so on. If you are in this niche, prepare for unexpected New Year’s luck.
  • Category “Cleanliness“. This includes products that promote cleanliness. After the Christmas mood fades, customers embrace the spirit of cleanliness. Makes sense, as someone needs to clean up and tidy up after the New Year’s party.

2. Release a New Product

The New Year is the perfect time to launch a new product. While most marketers “go into hibernation” for the winter, you need to activate and enter the game. While marketers and companies are calculating budgets, analyzing sales, summarizing, and restocking, you can take a step ahead. Also, during the New Year, your customers want something “new”; they are more open to new solutions. Consumers are ready to switch to a new shampoo, buy a new car, and so on. Use this time to sell a new product, especially when there is silence among competitors.

However, launching a new product or offer right after the holiday season requires careful planning and preparation in advance. After all, during the season itself, you will be busy with sales and management.

3. Have Another Sale

Right after the holiday promotions, winter discounts, for example, New Year’s sales, hold another sale.

You might be tired, but your customers are not. Customers buy from you not only because it’s the holiday season but also because of the discounts.

There are several ideas for post-holiday sales, such as winter clearance, free bonuses, gift sets, discounts on wholesale purchases, and so on. We have already covered various sales options in a previous article – “How to Increase Sales? 5 Marketing Tips for the Holidays“.

4. Set Up Retargeting

The vacation season is the most active online shopping season of the year. A massive number of buyers come and go from your website. This is where retargeting comes in – showing ads based on interests.

According to statistics, retargeting has incredible power:

  • 30% of consumers positively respond to retargeted ads.
  • The average CTR of retargeted ads is ten times higher than that of display ads.
  • Visitors who see retargeted ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website.

Retargeting will work in the New Year and during the holiday season. Instead of letting your website idle after the holidays, set up retargeting to bring customers back and make a purchase. If you need to set up retargeting, this service is included in our list of targeted advertising services.

5. Don’t Stay Silent

After the holiday season, for example, after New Year’s, many retail sellers exhaust themselves and remain silent. But consumers are actually listening and waiting for your offers.

In the post-holiday period, you have the opportunity to speak louder when all competitors are silent. Business should not stay silent and rest. Let people hear about your promotions, new products, interesting offers, and much more. After all, it’s the New Year.

This year, instead of succumbing to the general decline, you can raise the bar to a new level. Just imagine – you can start the new year with sales, not a drop. Think about the impact this will have on the rest of the year.