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Why should you move away from salesy content in 2023?

Let’s fantasize and reason. For example, you sell pasta. And you really want to sell them. As much as possible. So, every post of yours somehow calls for a purchase.

Let’s imagine the situation:

The latest post in the feed is about "Bow" pasta, how popular they are, and you have a discount on them, so everyone should hurry up and buy!
The post before that is about spaghetti, and how they are the most natural and delicious at your place, so buy them!
And here's another post about the benefits of pasta. But only the benefits are mentioned in the first two sentences, and then... Well, you got it, a call to buy right now!

Now let’s look at such content from the subscriber’s perspective:

Here’s Aidai, who recently bought your pasta and liked it. She decided to check out your social media to learn more information. What if you make macaroni from recycled beetles. She visits your page, and there it is: Buy. Buy! Buy. Please…

And here come some logical questions ❓❓❓

Why should she follow your page? What will she get here, what benefit? Who among us voluntarily watches advertisements? (well, except for marketers, it’s our job).

If, by any chance, you are the owner of a pasta manufacturing company, or anything tangible and smellable, here are our tips:

15-20% salesy content

No more needed. We promise, people won’t stop buying from you because of this. But a continuous stream of salesy posts will discourage people from subscribing and buying your products.

Don’t overtly force people to buy

Let’s repeat: people follow you not to be overtly pushed to buy products, but to have contact with you and learn information about you.

Build a sales funnel

If a person has not yet purchased your product, then social media can be a platform for the first touch. Do you often click the “buy” button when viewing an ad if you are not familiar with the product? Exactly. Give people the opportunity to get to know the product, the production process, and the assortment. Make them understand the company’s mission and values. Imprint your brand and positive emotions in their minds. Then, standing in front of the shelf with pasta in a store, they will remember your product.

Create content for your subscribers, not for yourself

Are you upset that a hastily taken photo with an old phone in the factory canteen received more likes than a professional photo taken by the best photographer? Analyze. Maybe the first photo is cozier and more homely. Or perhaps it features a very popular pasta dish. Or maybe the text spontaneously written under the first photo evoked more emotions and hit the target audience’s pain points?

Stop throwing products at people’s faces and let’s develop quality marketing in Kyrgyzstan.