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Who is an Account Manager?

The profession of an Account Manager – who is it and what does he/she do? What are their tasks and responsibilities? What are the advantages of account management

Today, we conducted a video interview and invited our Account Manager, Elena Vertikova. She will talk about her work and answer the most common questions. Enjoy watching!

And if you prefer reading over watching, we have prepared the text version of the video with all the questions and answers. Enjoy reading!

1. Who is an Account Manager?

An Account Manager is a professional who serves as a link between a company and its clients. They ensure the successful completion of all tasks required by the client and maintain communication with them, providing individualized approaches to each customer. Account Managers maintain good relationships with clients, offer them new services and products.

2. What does an Account Manager do in an advertising agency?

In an advertising agency, an Account Manager accompanies the client from the beginning to the end of a project. They represent the company’s services to the client, negotiate agreements, and conduct business meetings. They also organize and supervise the execution of tasks by the company’s specialists.

3. Who can become an Account Manager?

To become an Account Manager, one can undergo various online courses. Account management is an accessible profession, suitable for psychologists, tech-savvy individuals, economists, linguists, translators, religious scholars, and many others.

4. Where can an Account Manager work?

Account Managers can work in various industries where they interact with clients. For instance, they can work in trading companies, banks, brokerage firms, IT companies, or marketing agencies.

5. What do you like about your job?

Being an Account Manager provides me with tremendous experience in working with people, which can be an excellent stepping stone for career growth, including managerial positions. Moreover, building important business connections is an integral part of working with clients.